Improving Your Photos With Digital Photography Backgrounds

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Improving Your Photos With Digital Photography Backgrounds

Article by Britney Smith

The sad truth is that it doesn’t matter how wonderful, moving, or exciting your digital photograph is, if it doesn’t have the right background it simply won’t be effective. Digital photography backgrounds can make or break a digital photograph.

The Purpose Of A Background

Many amateur photographers simply ignore digital photography backgrounds when they are taking pictures. They feel that the photo’s subject is the important part of the photo, not what’s behind it. What they don’t know is that a good background can make the subject more real to the people looking at the photograph. A good background makes the photo’s subject pop into view.

Selecting The Perfect Background

The good news is that selecting digital photography backgrounds isn’t rocket science. All it takes is a little thought and some instincts. Plain digital photography backgrounds seem are more effective then backgrounds that are patterned. Using patterns as digital photography backgrounds tends to draw the viewers eye away from the photograph’s subject. When you are setting up a photograph try to use as plain a background as possible. Try to select digital photography backgrounds with color’s that will compliment the photographs color.

Identify Your Location

If you are on vacation the background can be used to tell a story, or identify a location. For example if you are vacationing in Washington D.C. you may want to include monuments that are easy to identity in your digital photography backgrounds. Your background can also be used to remind you if the picture was taken during a holiday, Christmas trees and simple wreaths are excellent backgrounds for photos taken during the Christmas holidays. Turkeys, warm colors, and Cornucopias are excellent for Thanksgiving Day photographs.

Action Shots

Action shots are tricky because there isn’t always time to find the perfect digital photography backgrounds when you are taking them. In an attempt to make the photo’s subject pop out of the paper most photographers blur the back ground. Most digital photography software come equipped with the tools needed to blur the background of action shouts. A blurred background helps give the impression of speed.

Changing Your Background

The reality is that you aren’t always able to control your background when you are taking a picture. More often then not you will get a great photo with a less then perfect backdrop, the good news is that with a good digital photography software computer, a steady hand, and a lot of patience you can create the perfect digital photography background for your photo.

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