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Looking for great digital photography tips? Who hasn’t flipped through the covers of a glossy magazine and been ‘Wowed’ by amazing photographs. If you are like I was when I was much younger, you will have thought those shots were close to impossible to take, and that you would never be able to take such shots.

But in fact, digital photography is a skill, and as in all skills, if you learn and practice a technique again and again, you can become really accomplished. Even just using a few hours a week with the right techniques and advice, can improve your digital photography ten-fold!

These days with digital photography being so easily accessible to everyone, many people are taking shots left right and center. Yet, as my old photography teacher used to say, ‘quantity doesn’t equal quality’!

How to Take Shots With The Wow Factor!

In fact, digital photography is much easier to understand once you realize that when you include certain digital photography tips into all your shots, you then make a shot sixty to seventy percent better than in may have been.

Lets take a look at a few digital photography secrets right now:

1. Composition. Now, this one’s a big topic, and we can’t really cover the whole subject in an article of this size, so after, make sure you click the resource link at the bottom where you’ll find more articles about it. But firstly, let me say this: One of the worst things you can do when taking a picture is to take it ‘flat-on’, the way the vast majority of people do.

Advice: It really looks bad if you do that. So, if you simply re-angle yourself or the subject, maybe to the left or right, or from below or above, you will find that, that shot just became about thirty percent better!

2. Distance. To be perfectly honest, a shot that contains all of the subject, no matter what the subject is, person or object, doesn’t always do much for the viewer, no matter you think this is the way a photograph should be. Let’s fact it, the person that taught you or I this rule, was, like it was for me, my mother or father, who by the way were not professional photographers.

Advice: Try moving closer to your subject. You don’t necessarily need to get all of the subject in the frame at all. Move forward and see how the shot looks and take one. You may find later when comparing shots that, it looks much, much better from a certain distance, than when the subject is fully in frame.

3. Lighting. In photography lighting is one of the most important, yet most neglected aspects of digital photography. The light effects the colors withing an image, so much so that with too much light an image can look washed-out and unattractive, yet with too little, it may be hard to see any detail whatsoever, and can even look depressing!

Advice: In the beginning try to get an exposure that keeps the colors saturated. You can do this by either adjusting the shutter speed until the colors look rich, or if you are using a ‘point and shoot’ digital camera, adjust the setting from macro, to portrait to sports and see what you get.

Just one further point, in creative photography it may be desirable to have too much, or too little light in the shot. It can create a certain mood with the right subjects.

The key when using digital photography tips is experimentation. Only this way will you become skilled , and more importantly, find your own view and style as a photographer. That is the real goal.

Make sure you always keep expanding your knowledge base by learning tips and taking some tutorials.


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