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Digital Photography For Dummies

Your digital camera can do so much! And Digital Photography For Dummies, 6th Edition helps you shoot, edit, and share great photos. This full-color guide is packed with stuff that’s not in your camera manual — tips on upgrading your equipment, working with focus and exposure, shooting like a pro, organizing and enhancing your images, and printing them or getting them online.Are you already you’re hip-deep in images? Here’s how to manage them. This guide helps you learn what you need for

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3 Responses to “Digital Photography For Dummies Reviews”
  1. Heidi says:
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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Pick a Subject!, July 10, 2007
    Heidi (An Army Base Near You) –

    I guess I don’t think of photo editing as digital photography. When I think digital photography, I’m thinking of the art of photography, taken with a digital camera instead of a film camera. That’s all.

    Photo editing, to me, is different. If you are looking for a book explaining aperture, exposure, shutter speed, f/stops, etc., this book only has 41 pages on those subjects.

    There are 354 pages total (not counting the glossary) and 194 of them are on the photo editing Elements program.

    I found myself skipping and skimming and flipping for more information. As if I had missed something, I would find myself going back and re-reading and still being let down. I wanted a book on taking better pictures, not taking OKAY pictures, and fixing them later with an outside program – and maybe that’s my fault with the definition I have in my head. I didn’t want a book on Elements, as I don’t have that program.

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  2. Darren "Daz" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Digital Photography For Dummies 5th Edition, November 9, 2005
    Darren “Daz” (USA) –

    Digital Photography for Dummies is the first Dummies book I have read. It is fully updated and revised now in FULL COLOR.
    I can’t imagine understanding all about RGB, CYMK and other colorful acronyms in chapter 2 if the diagrams were in black and white, color speaks volumes.
    Digital Photography for Dummies shows you anything and everything you need to know about Digital Photography.
    There are 16 chapters divided into 5 parts.
    Covers understanding the differences between digital cameras and film cameras, also the pros and cons of digital photography.
    It also gets involved with color, resolution and image size, some nice diagrams of RGB Channels, nice section of pixels and print quality, what’s the difference in 300ppi, 150ppi, 72ppi, if you didn’t know you do now.
    Take a look at the shutter and aperture in a traditional film camera, worth a look.
    Comparing SLR’s and point-and-shoot cameras, also covers digital cameras removable media types.
    A great tip on using non digital lenses with a digital body (Not all cameras do this) a great tip.
    It also takes a look at transferring images to your computer, imaging software.
    Making initial set up decisions, involves files, format understanding quality and picture size settings, this book really gets to grips with digital characteristics of your camera, resolution, white balance options, using flash, tweaking exposure.
    Do I use flash or not? Here is the answer.
    A blurry image is it poor focusing, or an unsteady hand? How you hold the camera is very important.
    Covers capturing action shots, panoramas, zooming and camera noise, also camera raw, transferring files via camera to computer.
    A good section on digital photography, choosing a printer, inkjet or laser. Choosing paper, the paper you choose can make your images have a completely different effect.
    Using your photo’s on the web, preparing your pictures for the screen. Making changes to part of a picture, why and when.
    A good glossary in the back explains all those technical words.
    I liked the use of the icons throughout the book, bringing important information to your attention.

    This is a very good book for readers who are new to digital photography. Advanced users may know most of the information but again the book is for Dummies.
    Full of great information may be some information you will never need, but the information is better in than left out.
    Diagrams are clear and clean, it’s also nice to see screen shots from windows machines.
    You don’t get a CD with the book, bet you don’t need one.

    I give this book five (5) out of five (5).


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  3. Scott Sherman says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    A helpful primer, May 19, 2000
    Scott Sherman (Richmond, Vermont United States) –

    I’m pretty computer savvy, but knew little about digital cameras or photo manipulation software until I read this book. It’s a very good primer and especially strong on the uses of graphics software. It’s extremely readable for a computer tome, but yet has enough detail to use as a reference. I also found the programs on the enclosed disc to be a good sample of what’s out there.

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