Digital Photography For Beginners – Release The Expert In You!

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by Horrgakx

Digital Photography For Beginners – Release The Expert In You!

Article by Paul Summers

No matter what type of camera you use, or how many (or few) megapixels it has, digital photography for beginners has never been so easy. The opportunities to take beautiful and stunning images in an instant are at your fingertips. In times past you would take your shots, whizz down to the chemist, wait a few days, collect your images… and then view them, only to be massively disappointed. Sure, some shots were good, but for every one you were pleased with, at least two or three did not look like you had imagined them! With digital photography it is possible to capture the shot you wanted every single time.

However, why stop there? Modern cameras are simple to use, but sometimes this can create a problem. You can use automatic camera settings so that all you need to do is point and shoot. The fact is that the camera will take the photo it thinks you want – but the camera’s interpretation is not always what you intended, even when using the most expensive and complex SLR. Just think how rewarding it would be if you had complete control over every picture that you took.

With just a little training (and believe me it is not hard work) it is easily possible to produce results that look professional. Beginning with the basics, such as the correct way to hold your camera, through to the rules of composition, and understanding the optimum camera settings for each shot, can have a significant effect on your final creation. In fact, if you just LOOK like you know what you are doing, people ASSUME you do. After I first took proper training, I lost count of the number of times I struck up conversations with onlookers who thought I took photographs for a living! Digital photography for beginners can be great fun.

So what could you expect to learn from following a competent photography course? Examples include: –

* How to make your portrait subjects look relaxed, natural and confident * How to use creative lighting effects * How to take shots at night with crystal clear, sharp detail * How to make your pictures artistic by using the right composition * How to use your imagination to capture “arty” shots that no one else dares to take * How to make your black and white shots simply sensational * How to give your photographs a classic “yester-year” feel * How to know where and when to take the best landscapes.

Digital photography for beginners is no longer the daunting prospect it was in the days of traditional photography. Even within 2-3 weeks, anyone with some common sense and imagination can move quickly from complete novice to someone who can take professional style images.

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