Canon EOS 7D Digital Field Guide Reviews

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Canon EOS 7D Digital Field Guide

  • From menu screens to composition, this book provides no-fail techniques for getting the most out of your Canon EOS 7D digital camera
  • Covers the camera’s new features, including the 19-point autofocus, new metering system, integrated Speedlight Transmitter, 8-frames-per-second shooting ratio, and improved HD video capturing
  • Helps you take your photography skills to another level with photography tips and tricks from professional photographer and author Charlotte Lowrie
  • Teaches you photography essentials such as composition, exposure, perspective, and more
  • Includes a grey and color card checker and full instructions with the book

No-fail formulas for getting great digital photos with the Canon EOS 7DIf you want to polish your photography skills, keep your camera bag stocked with the best equipment, like Canon’s new EOS 7D camera and this practical, full-color Canon EOS 7DDigital Field Guide. Portable and packed with information, this handy guide helps you get the very most out of the EOS 7D’s powerful new features. Discover professional shooting tricks, helpful composition advice, and invaluable tips on exposure, perspec

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Price: $ 4.15

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3 Responses to “Canon EOS 7D Digital Field Guide Reviews”
  1. Charles A. Walker "Charlie Walker" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    An Excellent 7D Guide, December 15, 2009

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Canon EOS 7D Digital Field Guide (Paperback)

    I previously purchased Charlotte’s 40D Field Guide and found it to be an excellent adjunct to the Canon owners manual. I have often wondered why manufactures can not write lucid, easy to understand directions. Charlotte has remedied this by turning out another fine guide in the 7D edition. I received it from Amazon Dec. 12th and quickly read thru it, and now I am going back and studying it in depth, particularly the sections pertaining to the autofocus system. Charlotte not only tells you what the various 7D features are, but where they are useful, using real life illustrations from her professional work, and then how to implement them step by easy step.

    The 7D autofocus system has to be one of the best available, if not indeed the best. But it is full featured and to use it to maximum advantage one should have a complete understanding of it’s capabilities and functionality. Charlotte does a fine job explaining both. The 7D was unfairly maligned on the web forums by early adopters because they did not study the autofocus system before attempting to capture images and be the first to get them online. I have not had one problem with the 7D, and the 18-135 kit lens is one of the best I have used, and I have some fine lenses including Canon “L”.

    Charlotte’s 7D book will probably be best appreciated by those who have a basic understanding of the interplay between ISO setting, F stop, and shutter speed for obtaining proper exposures. I am not looking “down my nose” at those who are learning, but the 7D is very fully featured and I do not think of it as an “entry” level camera. I have a lot of experience, being trained by the U.S. Army over fifty years ago as a Still Picture Photographer, but I find much useful information in my Charlotte Lowrie Field Guides and I highly recommend them. In closing, I have frequently utilized the Picture Style recommendation by Charlotte for the 40D, and I used her 7D Style recently for a “Santa Claus” event I did for a local Children’s Specialty Shop. I shot in large raw and medium jpg and the jpg results were so outstanding, I did not have to do any raw processing, only cropping and then uploading to Mpix for printing. The workflow time savings from her Style recommendation alone was worth the price of the book.

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  2. Eric D. Brown "Technology Consultant" says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent book on functions of Canon 7D, January 18, 2010
    Eric D. Brown “Technology Consultant” (Dallas, TX) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Canon EOS 7D Digital Field Guide (Paperback)

    I’ve been reading through the Canon EOS 7D Digital Field Guide by Charlotte Lowrie and have to say that I’m impressed with the book. I’ve never bought a book like this before having always relied on the manual that came with the camera and other online guides. While I still like the camera manual and love scouring the interwebs for new information, this book provides a great deal of value to a photographer with a Canon 7D…especially when you’re out in the field shooting.

    When you pick up a book like this, you know what you’re in for…a walk-through of all the settings of the camera and how to use those settings. But more than that, the author provides a great deal of insight into how she users her camera in different situations…which is extremely interesting for me. These types of personal touches allow me to see how other photographers think and use their gear.

    The book is split into twelve chapters with a ton of information in each chapter. The chapters are:

    * Ch 1 – Roadmap to the 7D
    * Ch 2 – Camera Setup and Image Playback
    * Ch 3 – Controlling Exposure and Focus
    * Ch 4 – Getting Great Color
    * Ch 5 – Customizing the 7D
    * Ch 6 – Shooting Live View and Tethered
    * Ch 7 – Using Movie Mode
    * Ch 8 – Working with Flash and Studio Lights
    * Ch 9 – Lenses and Accessories
    * Ch 10 – Event and Action Photography
    * Ch 11 – Nature and Landscape Photography
    * Ch 12 – People Photography

    The titles of the chapters are pretty self-explanatory.

    Chapter’s 1 through 7 provided the most value for me as they explored camera functionality and usage. I spent the majority of my time with this book in these first seven chapters. Chapters 8 through 12 provide general information about photographing in particular situations and how to setup the Canon 7D for those situations…good chapters but not as ‘meaty’ as the first seven.

    The real strength of this book is the ability to communicate camera settings and functions clearly and quickly. The manual that comes with the 7D is good, but is a technical manual…this book provides a bit more for the reader to soak in.

    If you have a Canon 7D and can’t (or don’t want) to decipher the camera manual, this book is for you.

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  3. Democritus AChE says:
    30 of 33 people found the following review helpful:
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    I can’t put this book down; except to wash my hands…, February 6, 2010
    Democritus AChE (Los Angeles, CA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Canon EOS 7D Digital Field Guide (Paperback)

    I have not been able to put this book down since I got it. It’s the best camera-specific book I have read an is very detailed. It’s like having a conversation with another experienced user; one who gives you the inside scoop on all those little features you don’t know how to use…

    If you are consdiering this book or the Magic Lantern series, I would suggest this: If you are a newbie, use auto mode and want to move the dial over to those strange AV/TV modes; then maybe get both, the Magic Lantern books are great for beginers; I loved them. However, their book is NOT 7D specific. However, if you know how to use AV/TV modes pretty well, but want the inside scoop on all the custom settings, best settings for certain shots, you must get this book. You will not regret it.

    So why the three stars? Well, the ink on the book smudges like an old inkjet printer from 1994. I’m not going to return it, I like it that much, but I’m very disatasfied with the ink and find that unacceptable. Halfway through chapter one I had to wash my hands because my fingers were turning black.

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