Are Your Digital Photography Techniques A Little Iffy? Here’s why!

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Are Your Digital Photography Techniques A Little Iffy? Here’s why!

Article by Dan Eitreim

There are many wonderful aspects to the digital photography revolution – but there is also one major drawback. Since we don’t have to pay for film or processing, we just fire away hoping to get a “good one.” Our digital photography techniques leave a LOT to be desired!

Too many of us are learning to settle for – let’s face it, downright bad photos. We think that since it isn’t costing us anything, it doesn’t matter. We think to ourselves that we will fix it in Photoshop. Unfortunately, for most of our photos, either we never get around to “fixing” it, or it’s just plain unsalvageable.

When you bought your camera, did you want to create beautiful, jaw dropping images? Or did you want to sit in front of the computer all day trying to repair substandard images!

The relatively low cost of digital cameras these days and the fact that there is no film or processing cost is slowly but surely eroding our photography skills. Before long, there won’t be many photographers left who can create a “WOW” factor image. Or even recognize one when they see it.

If you want to sharpen up your digital photography techniques and take full advantage of the major benefits of digital (no film or processing cost) the first step is to take your camera off automatic. That one simple step will allow you to take one GIANT step forward with your photography.

On automatic, the camera is simply going to use the most middle of the road settings. The cameras’ goal is simply to get enough light onto the digital sensor – with a shutter speed fast enough to avoid camera shake. There is no allowance for creativity. There can’t be…it’s a machine not a creative being. That’s your job!

Since there is no cost for processing, etc., this creates a wonderful opportunity for you to experiment with all the various aperture and shutter settings. As you are shooting and trying new experiments, write down your results in a shot notebook. It won’t be long, generally within days – before you’ll start to see amazing improvement in your digital photography techniques.

Don’t be surprised if all your friends come to you for advice on improving THEIR digital photography techniques. Try it, you’ll like the results!

Before long, your notebook will be one of your more prized possessions! Each time you make a new creative discovery, you will have a record of it and can refer back to your notes for the best digital photography techniques whenever you want to duplicate that particular shot.

I know how hard it can be to try and capture your creative vision with a camera, but if you really want to be creative you’ll need to learn a couple methods that work amazingly well…They are simple to pick up, work right away and don’t take any practice – you can read how to do it in my free ebook here… “Secrets To Creating Stunning Photos!”

Don’t give up hope, it’s NOT impossible. To learn how to put that elusive “WOW” factor into your photography – just click here…

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